Why Choose Cash For Cars Removal Melbourne

7 good reasons why you should choose us

1)   We have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

2)   Our methods in processing your unwanted vehicle are environmentally friendly.

3)   We have obtained the relevant licenses and permits necessary to ensure that we process your vehicle in an efficient and environmentally safe manner, such as air-conditioning de-gassing, we have trained and licensed on-site staff to ensure that no air-conditioning gas is released into the atmosphere.

4)   Oils and other liquid pollutants are captured and collected by waste recycling Companies that are licensed to handle these goods and to recycle for reuse into various products. Metals both ferrous and non-ferrous along with plastics are all recycled for reuse.

5)   And in any event when a part is suitable to be reused, we clean the part and export for reuse overseas or sometimes reuse the part locally.

6)   By reusing the parts, we are able to further save the environment by not having to use as great an amount of energy to recreate the equivalent new part.

7)   As we are not a middle man but the end buyer of all vehicles, we are able to provide you the best  price at the time of your call for any vehicle you may have.

Please try us out on (03) 8401 4334, we won’t disappoint.

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