About Cash For Cars Removal Melbourne

We are the premier Cash for Cars and Car Removal business for purchasing all Cars, Trucks and Vans. We pay Cash for Cars in Melbourne and provide a Car Removal service across all areas of Melbourne and all regional areas of Victoria.

We have over 20 years of expertise in the industry on an international level, with 3 established recycling facilities outside of Australia which are based in Japan, Malaysia & Singapore. We purchase vehicles for complete recycling purposes, either in scrap metal or for some parts reuse in our overseas recycling plants or sometimes locally.

Onsite we completely de-pollute our Vehicles as we have all the relevant licenses to do so, then most vehicles are crushed in our on-site baler that presses your vehicle into a 3 Ft x 2 Ft size metal bale for immediate loading into one of our containers for export to one of our recycling plants to be granulated and sorted into clean metal.

We are not a middle man type Company that is buying for larger Companies to recycle; we are a large Company that processes its own vehicles and employs 40 people worldwide. Due to our expertise and varied connections worldwide we are able to maximise the return for your vehicle which enables us to pay you best prices. Also please beware that due to market fluctuations, prices can change month to month

We are not a 1 truck Company as per many of our opposition Companies that propose to look larger than they are; we have a genuine fleet of 4 trucks, 1 car carrier and 1 Crane truck that are always active 24/7. We are now official sponsors of 3AW and MAGIC 1278 AM radio, you can check us out on their business listings.

Why Choose Us

1)   We have over 20 years of experience in the industry. 2)   Our methods in processing your unwanted vehicle are environmentally friendly. 3)   We have obtained the relevant licenses and permits necessary to ensure that we process your vehicle in an efficient and environmentally safe manner, such as air-conditioning de-gassing, we have trained and licensed on-site staff to...

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Serviced Areas

Our Cash for Cars and Car Removal Service extends to the below suburbs; if your suburb is not listed please call 03 8401 4334 to enquire if we can visit you to remove your car for cash. Call NOW for same day removal most areas. Call us Cash for Cars Removal on 03 8401 4334...

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